SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa – Sandton





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    The synergy between SEVEN Villa Hotel and ANTON SMIT was introduced and endorsed in 2019 by Garnett Basson & Roelien Smit.

    “Loveliness needs not the foreign aid of ornament but when is unadorned, adorned the most. The crushed one. The granite prism.
    The straight-angled stone … shivering solitude. Apparition of faces.” – ANTON SMIT


    SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa: Our collaboration is born from common values – a passion for excellence and celebrating South African creativity. Managing Director MARC WACHSBERGER notes “We all need to be reminded every single day how beautiful things around us can be, if we take time out to notice them.

    Anton’s work forces you to stop, breathe and take it all in.” Take a walk around the hotel grounds and explore all the pieces on display.


    The hotel take great pride, re-imagining luxury through inspiring experiences and spaces. An inner-city retreat. Anton’s work complements their vision. His use of monumental shapes – raw and earthy power that feels innately African truly complements the aesthetic of the hotel and provides an engaging and dynamic visual experience. PAUSE AND ENJOY. AN INNER-CITY RETREAT


    The SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa is a lush secret garden, a natural sanctuary tucked away in the centre of lively Sandton. This inner-city retreat inspires the feeling of living amongst nature whilst only being a short distance from cosmopolitan shopping and restaurant destinations.


      SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa – Sandton

        Address:160 Helen Rd, Strathavon, Sandton, 2031

        Tel.: +27 (0)11 384 4900