New Futurism | Anton Smit | Uitstalling Art Gallery



This autumn South African renowned sculpturist Anton Smit hits back with a new fascinating exhibition. Starting from a new ‘manifesto’ he created a whole new line of intriguing sculptures that will raise the bar. Prepare for bronze and metal, combined with technology. Uitstalling Art Gallery is excited and honoured to show his new works in Avant-première, starting from October 9th until November 15th.


Words from Anton:

New futurism – there can be no renewal of art if the essence is not renewed. That is the vision and concept of line and mass that forms the sculpture. To renew the art of sculpture we must start from the nucleus of the object we want to create in order to discover new forms that link it invisibly to the apparent plastic infinite.

This new plastic art will then be a translation into a material of those atmospheric plains that link and intersect things. This physical transcendentalism sculpture must give life to objects by a system of inter-penetration. Objects do not exist in isolation, they cut through and divide the surrounding space in an arabesque of directional curves.

The divisionist technique endeavours to penetrate the object and represent movement. This is physical transcendentalism. The work of art aspires to proceed from a realm of convenience, of chance, of dream, which has significance for life but superior to it a realm of super-reality.