Gallery at Grande Provence

is proud to present a major Exhibition 

of Sculpture Art


Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate


Each artwork comes signed by Anton Smit, with a certificate of authenticity and a unique edition number



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    All works are available for viewing at The Gallery at Grande Provence

    Widely revered for his overwhelming heads and monumental african sculptures, evoking themes of suffering, reconciliation, glory and sublimation, his works grace public and private collections countrywide and internationally.

    Spoken verse, the echoes of emotive lyrics and the rasping of sculptures in progress are customary sounds emitted from his studio.

    Larger than life, Anton Smit is the embodiment of poetry, an apt term for this sculptor, derived from the term “making”



    Nestled in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley in South Africa’s Western Cape, her lush vines spread across 47 acres. Rolling vistas frame the valley floor and heighten the drama of the rugged mountains beyond. Barely a one-hour drive from Cape Town, this is heartland South African Wine Country at its very finest.


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    Jean-Marié Olivier
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    Place: Grande Provence Wine Estate, Main Rd – Franschhoek




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    Artist Statement:

    Having spent a lifetime creating solid forms that inhabit space but that don’t express time, I started investigating the possibility of expressing time and rhythm as if it were music. At first I dissected the human form with flowing cuts and then decided to take a quantum leap into pure expression by employing line in 3D with hand cut steel achieving the staccato, the beat, and the metronomic progression of time in interpenetrated forms.


    They almost dissolve as they march to a different drumbeat. They are visionary and almost prophetic and you can see the future through them. Its almost as if your own shadow is entangled in their creation. These skyline drawings suck me in, and are an absolute delight to create and they express my current state of mind perfectly.

    I feel that these pieces are the beginning of a new and exciting phase of my oeuvre.  – Anton Smit