Spirit of Tshwane



A word from artist Anton Smit

Spirit of Tshwane is part of a whole lot of heads that I’d like to make for all the different areas in South Africa. Also, Tshwane means ‘we live together’. The local people here say a person is just a person because of other people. So that is very distinct and important to me to try and depict that.

I don’t think one should make a public sculpture that the public has to integrate with any negative connotations. The other part of the spirit of Tshwane is to put up other sculptures that relate to that in spirit. I am trying to get people to forget differences and to think of what our similarities are.

I had poems written before I made those pieces.

“Before me floats an image, man or shade. Shade more than man, more image than a shade.”


Video directed by Jan Menzel and Felix Meyburgh


If you’re longing for the thrill of an art exhibition, enjoy an Anton Smit art exhibition online, courtesy of Uitstalling Art Gallery.