Anton Smit Exhibition in Belgium



Colossal is a vivacious story of a community rising up from the ashes. A collection of mixed individual emotions. Colossal is an elaboration of people trying to transcend in difficult circumstances, whilst holding on to their values of honour and faith, hoping to be ‘Colossal’ again.


Anton discusses the process behind Colossal and the greater meaning behind this art piece


In Africa there is a tribal saying that says ‘A person is just a person through other people’.

Standing up as it were out of the ashes like a phoenix, so in a way my work also reflects that kind of thing. Having a hard time but at the end succeeding.

I myself was very poor and very much struggling and had to get out of that situation, whatever you do, whatever happens to you, you need faith to move forward. If you don’t have faith, nothing will happen in your life.

If you don’t have faith you won’t start your business, because you must believe that you going to succeed. Very often I’d have a piece and people would always ask me, what is this thing about? I try and put some poetry to it and explain it through poetry, so it’s very much an integral part of my work.

So I studied Picasso, Rembrandt, I studied everybody coz you can study anything in a book, you just go to the library and you study.


The Anton Smit Colossal Exhibition was held at the Uitstalling Gallery in Genk, Belgium from June to September 2019.