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    Century City Arts Trail presents the Anton Smit Open Air Exhibition


    Seen something different around Century City lately? A life-sized statue of a man, his arms open and his face turned toward the sky, his silhouette etches against the shape of Table Mountain in the distance. The figures of three women, balancing on the tips of their toes, circling inward. An enormous female face, its edges seemingly blowing in the wind.

    These impressionable sculptures are part of a 30-piece collection that make up the new Anton Smit Open Air Exhibition.

    The sculptures are spread out in public areas around the Century City precinct and the exhibition is open to the public free of charge.




    The exhibition is made up of various sculptures, ranging from the ethereal Crouching Angel, a winged figure which seems to suspend in the air, to the imposing giant figures of The Walking Man and the famous masks, which have become synonymous with Anton’s work.


    “When Anton approached us for a possible collaboration, we were humbled and incredibly excited at the prospect of joining forces with such a renowned South African artist”, says John Chapman, Chairman of the Century City Arts Foundation.



    A map of the Open Air Exhibition is available online and as a printed brochure 

    “You will be able to start your walking, running, or cycling tour of the collection at any point and make your way through to the end.

    Each sculpture has a QR code, enabling you to find out more about the artwork as you scan the code with your smartphone.”





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    For purchasing any of the artwork on display, please contact info@antonsmit.co.za  |  info@centurycity.co.za for prices



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