Anton Smit and Ferrari collaboration


Chanelle Zackey – National Marketing Manager, Scuderia South Africa

The synergy between Ferrari and Anton Smit began in 2018 and was initiated by our COO Jan Ungerer. His personal interest and admiration for his collection led to this – The Ferrari Fine Arts Exhibition.


Anton Smit – Artist

Just like every Ferrari is a work of art, represents power, emotion, and design excellence. My work also strives for those things and I believe strongly that a well-designed sculpture with superior craftmanship is the way to go in art. Just believe that the two work very well together. The artwork of every Ferrari is just exquisite and hopefully my work does something in collaboration with that. And I believe that this really is a good match between Ferrari and myself. And for me a great honour being able to collaborate with such a great company.


“Each of our Ferrari models are each a work of art, similarly Anton Smit’s sculptures and collections represent power, emotion and design excellence as do our products. The collaboration with Anton Smit has allowed us to showcase the uniqueness and exclusivity of both Masterpieces in our market.

Anton’s work is captivating and larger than life. Those who have an appreciation for superior craftsmanship and luxury super-cars, will share the same appreciation for these exceptional fine art pieces.”- Jan Ungerer COO Scuderia South Africa


The Ferrari Fine Arts Exhibition was launched on 14th March 2019.

Location: Scuderia Johannesburg, the official Ferrari dealer,

1 Bruton Road Bryanston, 2196, South Africa.

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